In our 3 preschool classrooms, experienced Montessori-certified teachers provide supportive and nurturing classrooms for learning and discovery during your child's formative early years. The innate curiosity of our students is cultivated in our scientifically prepared classroom environments. Each and every element in our classrooms is chosen to promote learning, discovery, and independence.

Our classrooms are designed to entice the child to explore and discover. Each classroom is:

  • Calm
  • Spacious
  • Orderly
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Filled with natural light

The prepared environment in each of our classrooms is filled with multi-sensory learning materials. The materials are organized in a specific sequence beginning with the simplest, most concrete representation of the subject matter, then make a gradual progression to the abstract.

The materials are organized by different curriculum areas:

These orderly, prepared environments bring comfort to the child, which reduces his/her stress. This feeling of orderliness and security promotes the child's internal sense of order.

Our Montessori credentialed teachers serve as guides as the children explore the materials in the classroom. They provide:

  • Individualized instruction to each child daily.
  • On-going assessments of each child.
  • Regular communication with parents.

Our professional and caring teachers create a nurturing and welcoming learning community where children are respected as individuals. Our students learn at their own pace and begin to think for themselves. They learn social and interpersonal skills as they develop a passion for learning.

Children in our preschool program will:

  • Make daily discoveries as they explore the materials in our orderly classrooms.
  • Learn by doing.
  • Develop fulfilling relationships with their peers and develop their physical skills during daily outdoor play.
  • Feel valued, respected, and nurtured.
  • Work individually, with a partner, and in groups.
  • Practice grace, courtesy, and social skills as they gain an awareness of their own feelings and sensitivity for the feelings of others.
  • Develop a lifelong love of learning as they participate in activities in the areas of Practical Life, Language Arts, Mathematics, Sensory Development, Science, Art, Music and Movement, and Geography and Cultural Studies.

The minimum age for a child to be considered for admission is 2 1/2. In order to be accepted, any child 30 months of age and older must be potty trained, have an acceptable concentration span, and be able to follow simple directions.